The Virtu

Sarah Monette, Author
Sarah Monette, Author . Ace $24.95 (439p) ISBN 978-0-441-01404-0
Reviewed on: 05/15/2006
Release date: 06/01/2006

At the start of Monette's wonderful follow-up to her extraordinary fantasy debut, Mélusine (2005), wizard Felix Harrowgate and his gutter-rat brother, Mildmay the Fox, assassin and cat burglar, are making their way through hostile territory to the city of Mélusine. Felix believes, in a burst of bravado or sheer stubborn foolishness, that he can fix the Virtu, a magical crystal that has kept Mélusine safe for centuries, and regain the good graces of the city. Since Felix's former master used Felix's magic to break the Virtu, Felix feels a personal responsibility. Mildmay, the cautious, practical half of the duo, isn't as complacent about the task. Before long, a young governess joins the party as well as two wizards, whom they rescue from being burned at the stake. Together the strangely cohesive group follows a winding path back to Mélusine, the Virtu and their destiny. This sequel is every bit as original and satisfying as its predecessor. (July)

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