Your Heart Belongs to Me ). Bestselling author Cullen “Cubby” Greenwich is mortified "/>


Dean R. Koontz, Author
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Reviewed on: 04/20/2009
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A bad book review propels this farcical thriller from bestseller Koontz (Your Heart Belongs to Me ). Bestselling author Cullen “Cubby” Greenwich is mortified when Shearman Waxx, “the nation's premier literary critic,” savages his work. Cubby manages to find the “syphilitic swine” at Roxie's Bistro in Newport Beach, Calif., where the author's six-year-old prodigy son nearly pees by accident on Waxx in the restaurant's men's room. In retaliation, Waxx threatens Cubby with doom and gets things started nicely by blowing up his house. With almost superhuman ease, the book critic keeps track of Cubby and his family as they flee for their lives. While some may take this as satire, the over-the-top villain's underdeveloped motivation and a jokey narrative tone that jars when juxtaposed with terrifying scenes of violence will leave others scratching their heads. By the time Koontz introduces a science fiction element, a lot of readers may have already checked out. (June)