cover image Unwanted Girl

Unwanted Girl

M.K. Schiller. Kensington, $2.51 e-book (430p) ISBN 978-1-6018-3500-0

This smoothly written cross-cultural romance, which initially appears uncomplicated, evolves into an in-depth study of strong emotions and underlying motivations. Recovering addict Nick Dorsey is confused by his attraction to Shyla Metha, the reserved young woman who delivers his sandwiches from the local deli; she is not at all his usual type. As Nick and Shyla get to know each other, he reveals that he is an author with writer’s block, and she tells him that she is an NYU student from India. When Nick agrees to help Shyla write her story, he begins to sense more of a purpose in his life; Shyla’s friendship and presence in his apartment take away his loneliness. After they start dating, romantic tension increases as Nick is forced to deal with the demons of his past, and Shyla must come to terms with the fact that she is leaving soon to return to India. Schiller has a fine talent for describing cultural conflicts, and the characters are multifaceted and endearing. A truly unanticipated turn of events sends the riveting conclusion into overdrive, leaving readers breathless. Agent: Amanda Leuck, Spencerhill Associates. (Jan.)