cover image The Old Geezers, Vol. 1

The Old Geezers, Vol. 1

Wilfrid Lupano and Paul Cauuet, trans. from the French by Montana Kane. Ablaze, $24.99 (136p) ISBN 978-1-950912-00-1

A bestseller that became a feature film in France, this lighthearted, character-driven comics series by Lupano (Sea of Love) delivers more depth than typical quirky old man jokes. The first volume collects two stories featuring three elderly heroes—Pierrot, Antoine, and Emile—who are lifelong political leftists/anarchists and close friends. In the opening tale, Pierrot and Emile embark on a road trip to prevent Antoine from exacting revenge upon an ex-boss who had an affair with Antoine’s deceased wife decades ago. The second installment continues the theme of past relationships haunting the present, as Pierrot comes to believe that the woman he loved long ago is still alive—which leads to extreme complications. Throughout, the cast’s past lives are fleshed out amid present-day political commentary, such as when Antoine’s pregnant granddaughter, Sophie, delivers a rant to a cooing group of grandmothers against the “worst generation” (“You vote for the right, you’ve sacrificed the entire planet...”). Lupano also lampoons the more outrageous aspects of leftist groups, as when an aged fellow activist uses his ability to “empty out his colon on request” to befoul gatherings of the bourgeoisie. Cauuet’s detailed cartooning is superbly expressive. This mix of farce and politics, with equal parts charm and passion, is poised to win over American fans. [em](July) [/em]