cover image Becoming Maria: Love and Chaos in the South Bronx

Becoming Maria: Love and Chaos in the South Bronx

Sonia Manzano, read by the author. Scholastic Audio, , unabridged, 7 CDs, 8 hrs., $34.99 ISBN 978-0-545-88081-7

Actress Manzano, known for her role as Maria on Sesame Street, chronicles her formative years in a troubled household in 1950s and ’60s New York City with a voice that conveys a slow-burning audacity and the internal glimmer of lightness of a true dreamer. She narrates her life, rough spots and all, with unflinching honesty in words and tone. She growls when recalling anger, lightens up with laughter when narrating happier times. She gives distinct voices to different people in her life. Her parents’ speak with thick Puerto Rican accents and she performs with a breathy Marilyn Monroe voice for a glamorous friend, while her aunts sound blustery and brassy. The audio edition of her memoir will grab listeners from the get-go Ages 12–up. A Scholastic Press hardcover. (Oct.)