cover image The Keeper

The Keeper

Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes, and Marco Finnegan. Megascope, $24.99 (176p) ISBN 978-1-4197-5155-4

This timely horror fantasy written by Due (The Living Blood) and Barnes (Lion’s Blood) and drawn by Finnegan (the Nick Travers graphic novel series) unfurls a tale of survival and sacrifice set in an unassuming Detroit apartment building. After the parents of Aisha, a young Black girl, are killed in a car accident, she goes to live with her grandma, who warns her that “I can’t sugarcoat the real world” but does her best to keep her granddaughter out of the foster care system. Exploring her grandmother’s building with her friend Darnell, Aisha uncovers its connection to her family, its history of violence steeped in racial injustice, and the existence of the Keeper, a supernatural presence that “builds a nest inside you” and provides protection at a price. When Aisha’s grandma is no longer able to look out for her, Aisha summons her own power as well as the menacing Keeper to carry on. Finnegan’s sturdy, naturalistic art is workmanlike but holds a down-to-earth simplicity suited to a script that weaves volatile magic into the fabric of everyday life. Fans of smart horror will snap up this fresh, sharp take on the haunted house trope. Agent: Jack Jones, Jack Jones Literary Arts (Sept.)