cover image Shiloh


Lori Benton. Tyndale, $25.99 (450p) ISBN 978-1-49644-436-3

Benton continues her saga of the Cameron family in this enjoyable follow-up to Mountain Laurel. In the 1790s, Ian Cameron, a plantation owner in North Carolina, freed his light-skinned mixed-race lover, Seona, along with their son and Seona’s mother, and sent them to live as free citizens with his family in Boston. When Ian’s wife dies in childbirth, he frees the rest of his slaves and resolves to court the woman he loves. On his way to Boston, Ian helps out Judge William Cooper, who offers Ian the opportunity to settle in the outskirts of Cooperstown, N.Y. In his short time in Boston, he begins to rebuild his relationship with Seona, but leaves to establish a home in the foothills and convinces Seona and her family to join him. Seona struggles with her newfound freedom and trusting in God now that she has to make decisions for herself. She also worries about how the people of New York will treat her and her illegitimate son. Seona’s mother and another former enslaved person teach her that she needs to count her blessings and rely on God. While it can be read as a standalone, readers will want to check out Benton’s full series to get the most out of this impeccable work. (Oct.)