cover image Fear the Drowning Deep

Fear the Drowning Deep

Sarah Glenn Marsh. Sky Pony, $16.99 (310p) ISBN 978-1-5107-0348-3

In this atmospheric historical fantasy, set in 1913 on the Isle of Man, a young woman has to confront her fear of the ocean in order to deal with the mythological monsters terrorizing her community. Bridey Corkill has avoided the sea ever since something lured her grandfather into its depths, and no one would believe her tales of the supernatural. All she wants is to travel far from the island, but when people from her village start to disappear—just as an amnesic and gravely wounded young man washes up on shore—Bridey realizes that she may be the only person willing to fight whatever is preying on her friends and family. With the handsome, mysterious Fynn and cantankerous local witch, Morag, as her only allies, she sets forth to discover the truth about what dwells in the ocean. While first-time novelist Marsh draws heavily on standard paranormal tropes (the enigmatic love interest, for example), her evocative setting, memorable characters, and use of obscure folkloric elements all contribute to the novel’s strong sense of place. Ages 12–up. Agent: Christa Heschke, McIntosh & Otis. (Oct.)