cover image Templar


Jordan Mechner, LeUyen Pham, and Alex Puvilland. Roaring Brook/First Second, $39.99 (480p) ISBN 978-1-59643-393-9

A wholly engaging and entertaining continuation and conclusion to 2010’s Solomon’s Thieves, offering the same mix of medieval history, political intrigue, and cinematic thrills in a swashbuckling heist adventure. After a very public arrest and dubious trial of the Knights Templar, renegade Martin of Troya is determined to retrieve the renowned treasure hoard of the holy brotherhood and clear its name. Along the way he’s joined by opportunistic but lovable thieves, fellow rogue Templars, a sympathetic old flame, and other allies as he schemes his way into and, more importantly, out of Paris, gold in tow. Mechner’s (Prince of Persia) tight plot never misses a beat, and the book is a definite page-turner. His passion for the subject is reflected in the story’s adherence to actual events and settings, ably visualized by husband-and-wife illustrators Pham and Puvilland, whose art lends itself well to the stirring narrative. It’s a rollicking good time and a real gem of a book, well worth the wait and price. (July)