cover image What Will Fit? (Storytelling Math)

What Will Fit? (Storytelling Math)

Grace Lin. Charlesbridge, $6.99 (16p) ISBN 978-1-62354-125-5

When Olivia heads to the farmer’s market, she has a goal: “I want to fill my basket./ What will fit just right?” A beet is too small—“There’s so much space around it that it rolls”—and the apple is, too. An eggplant “is not wide enough,” and a zucchini isn’t right, either: “When I turn it, it’s too tall.” Then a display of pumpkins catches her eye: “Yay! Just the right size.” Lin’s clear, simple language describing how Olivia solves the problem is amplified in her perceptive artwork, which cannily mixes painterly textures and captivating details (Olivia’s pink polka-dotted socks; a green blanket spread with decorative corn) with graphical simplicity to show a small Black child as she ponders, puzzles, and experiments with placing different things in the basket. Includes a brief explanation of the importance of spatial sense, and three suggested learning activities to expand the book’s impact. Publishing simultaneously: Circle! Sphere!, The Last Marshmallow, and Up to My Knees! Ages up to 3. [em](Oct.) [/em]