cover image Following His Heart

Following His Heart

Donna Fasano. Hard Knock, $3.99 e-book (236p) ASIN B00QQRIKXA

Fasano (Find My Way Home) delivers tender honesty and sweet sexiness in this beach read set in Ocean City, N.J. The tourist season is winding down as Sara Carson, proprietor of a boardwalk bakery, finds herself in a plumbing crisis. She’s rescued by Landon Richards, a calm, brown-eyed Kansas farmer who happens to be passing through. He’s willing to work for room and board, which Sara and her friends are only too glad to offer, plagued as they are by building-maintenance woes. Sara is a young widow whose heart is just beginning to come out of the deep freeze, while Landon, confused and lonely after life-altering surgery and a family spat, is looking for resolution and peace. The light veneer of a quasi-scientific paranormal phenomenon provides the plot twist that experienced readers will see coming before the book is half over, but no matter. The pleasure of Fasano’s style lies in the scrumptious descriptions (even when food isn’t involved) and her characters’ sincere, mature desire to make things work. (BookLife)