cover image A Memory of Light

A Memory of Light

Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. Tor, $34.99 (912p) ISBN 978-0-7653-2595-2

Fans of the Jordan's Wheel of Time epic have been waiting 13 books for the Last Battle, and they are about to be rewarded as Jordan/Sanderson (Towers of Midnight) bring the series to one final crescendo. It is time for Rand al'Thor to face the Dark One in the Last Battle for humanity, but he can't do it alone; he must also gather all of the forces of the world together and turn them, united, against the Trolloc armies that threaten to overwhelm. Those unfamiliar with the series may be left cold by chapter after chapter of battle scenes, death, glory, and heroism, which are interspersed with tactics, politics, and plotting. Those more invested in the series, however, will be on the edge of their seats to witness first-hand the fates of their favorite characters as well as the world itself. Sanderson successfully channels Jordan's voice to produce this stunningly thorough wrap-up to a long and impressive series. (Jan.)