cover image Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds

Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds

Brandon Sanderson. Tor, $27.99 (352p) ISBN 978-1-250-29779-2

Through a compilation of three novellas, Sanderson (The Stormlight Archive) takes readers on a science fiction thrill ride through the life and mind of a schizophrenic genius as he solves high-tech mysteries. Stephen Leeds has 47 different hallucinations—people that only he can see—with each representing a different part of his brilliant mind. As he investigates cases, he takes his hallucinations with him as though they’re living people; always included are J.C. (his protector), Ivy (his psychologist), and Tobias (his philosopher and historian). Others come along as their specific knowledge is needed. In the first story, they are called upon to find a stolen camera that can take pictures of the past. In the second, they seek the stolen body of an engineer that has vital information encoded into its cells. The final story answers why Stephen’s love, Sandra, left, and whether she needs to be saved, possibly at the risk of his hallucination friends. Readers will get drawn into the fascinating world of Stephen and his friends—real and imagined—as they work together to solve the seemingly unsolvable. Agent: Joshua Bilmes, JABberwocky Literary. (Sept.)