PW Comics World: More To Come

Heidi MacDonald, Eisner-nominated writer of The Beat; Calvin Reid, Comics Editor for Publishers Weekly Magazine; and producer Kate Fitzsimons present More To Come, the new bi-weekly comics podcast of Publishers Weekly Comics World.

143 More To Come 143: A Week of Comics Controversy
The Batgirl cover controversy, online harrassment, a culture clash between generations of fans and more.
03/27/2015 Listen
142 More To Come 142: Lucy Knisley Interview
Heidi interviews Lucy Knisley about comics, travel, food and time management
03/20/2015 Listen
141 More To Come 141: The Valiant Cinematic Universe?
More on the future of DC and manga.
03/13/2015 Listen
140 More To Come 140: The Late Child and Other Animals Interview
Calvin interviews Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger about their new graphic memoir and their history in comics and in the New York contemporary art world.
03/06/2015 Listen
140 More To Come 140: The Late Child and Other Animals Interview
Calvin interviews Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger about their new graphic memoir and their history in comics and in the New York contemporary art world.
03/06/2015 Listen
139 More To Come 139: Agent Carter the Cult TV Classic
SDCC's registration frenzy, ComicsPRO, Agent Carter, spring graphic novels and more
02/27/2015 Listen
138 More To Come 138: Georgia Dunn Interview
Kate interviews Georgia Dunn about 'Breaking Cat News' and breaking into syndication on Uclick
02/20/2015 Listen
137 More To Come 137: Scribd Adds Comics
DC reveals its new line up, Marvel unveils more of upcoming Secret Wars event, Scribd attempts to become Netflix for Comics and Spider-Man joins the MCU.
02/13/2015 Listen
136 More To Come 136: Graphic Novels Top the Charts
Graphic novels are now the fastest growing fiction category in the book market, the best and worst conventions for comic pros.
01/30/2015 Listen
135 More To Come 135: Miss Lasko-Gross interview
Calvin interviews Miss Lasko-Gross about 'Henni' and her history with graphic novels
01/23/2015 Listen
134 More To Come 134: Charlie Hebdo and Satire
Charlie Hebdo in context, IDW buys Top Shelf and ReedPop buys Emerald City Comicon.
01/16/2015 Listen
133 More To Come 133: Comics in 2014
The convention world grows, the comics market diversifies and multimedia properties boom in 2014.
01/02/2015 Listen
132 More To Come 132: Calista Brill interview
Heidi interviews Calista Brill about editing comics and working at First Second.
12/19/2014 Listen
131 More To Come 131: Star Wars Issue 1 hits 1 Million Copies
Star Wars #1 sells 1 million copies, Furfest Midwest gets gassed, DMP Reboots Tezuka, Comic Arts LA
12/12/2014 Listen
130 More To Come 130: A. David Lewis interview
Calvin interviews scholar A. David Lewis about his new book on the depiction of the afterlife in superhero comics.
12/05/2014 Listen
129 More To Come 129: Comics Trends We're Thankful For
The More to Come crew discuss the comics trends they're thankful for, including greater diversity, new comics festivals, the impact of digital distribution and more.
11/28/2014 Listen
128 More To Come 128: Comic Arts Brooklyn Interviews
Calvin interviews indie comics creators Jen Wang, Oliver Schrauwen and Tim Lane at CAB
11/21/2014 Listen
127 More To Come 127: The Year in Comics on TV
A look at the 2014 boom in comics on television, Comic Arts Brooklyn and more.
11/14/2014 Listen
126 More To Come 126: Joyce Brabner Interview
Calvin interviews nonfiction comics writer Joyce Brabner about her new book 'Second Avenue Caper' and more.
11/07/2014 Listen
125 More To Come 125: David F Walker Interview Special
Heidi interviews David F. Walker, writer of the upcoming 'Shaft' comic
10/31/2014 Listen
124 More To Come 124: IVerse is back in the running
iVerse's Comics Plus, new comics targeting women fans, plus Humble Bundle's DRM-Free promotions and fundraising.
10/24/2014 Listen
123 More To Come 123: New York Comic Con Wrap up
Great Comic Con programming, bad traffic flow and hints of Marvel and DC's future movies
10/17/2014 Listen
122 More To Come 122: NYCC 2014 Interview Special Part 4
Talking NYCC with Gail Simone, Geof Darrow, Amy Chu, Fernando Ruiz and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
10/13/2014 Listen
121 More To Come 121: NYCC 2014 Interview Special Part 3
On the scene interviews with Becky Cloonan, Kieron Gillen, Bob Fingerman, Josh Elder and Andrea Colvin
10/13/2014 Listen
120 More To Come 120: NYCC 2014 Interview Special Part 2
On the scene interviews with Sandy King Carpenter of 'John Carpenter's Asylum' and Liam Sharp of Madefire.
10/11/2014 Listen
119 More To Come 119: NYCC 2014 Interview Special Part 1
On the scene Interviews with Mairghread Scott, Chris Misciewicz, John Roberts, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Dr. Carol Tilley.
10/10/2014 Listen
118 More To Come 118: Scott McCloud Interview Special
Calvin interviews Scott McCloud, pioneering author of "Understanding Comics"
10/03/2014 Listen
117 More To Come 117: Looking back at SPX and forward to MoCCA
MoCCA moves, SPX goes strong, and some artists can't make money at cons anymore.
09/26/2014 Listen
116 More To Come 116: Interviews from Baltimore Comic Con and SPX 2014 Part 2
Calvin interviews Box Brown, Farel Dalrymple and James Sturm while Heidi talks to Locust Moon
09/21/2014 Listen
115 More To Come 115: Interviews from Baltimore Comic Con and SPX 2014
Heidi interviews Amy Reeder, Chris Staros, Jim Dougan and more
09/19/2014 Listen
114 More To Come 114: Fall Con Season Begins
ReedPop expands to India, SPX preview, Fall con season begins, plus controversy over Salt Lake City Comic Con attendance numbers.
09/12/2014 Listen
113 More To Come 113: Interview with Comic-Con's David Glanzer
Heidi interviews San Diego Comic-Con spokesperson David Glanzer about the hows and whys of the show.
09/05/2014 Listen
112 More To Come 112: Marvel at Walmart
Growing pains as Marvel and DC attempt to attract new audiences and comics go DRM-free.
08/29/2014 Listen
111 More To Come 111: 'Watson and Holmes' Interview Special
Calvin interviews New Paradigm Studios' publisher Brandon Perlow, and writer Brandon Easton about 'Watson and Holmes.'
08/22/2014 Listen
110 More To Come 110: Guardians of the Galaxy A Go Go
Marvel's new hit, Studio Ghibli's uncertain future and record July comic sales
08/15/2014 Listen
109 More To Come 109: Mike Dawson Interview Special
Heidi interviews controversial comics writer Mike Dawson about setbacks as a mid-career comic creator.
08/08/2014 Listen
108 More To Come 108: Reporting from Comic-Con 2014
Our intrepid reporters recall the San Diego Comic-Con International 2014
08/02/2014 Listen
107 More To Come 107: SDCC 2014 Interview Special Pt. 5
Interview with Chuck Palahniuk about writing Fight Club 2 as a comic.
07/28/2014 Listen
106 More To Come 106: SDCC 2014 Interview Special Pt. 4
Interviews with comic creator Geof Darrow and comics retailer Terence Irvins of Kinokuniya Book Store
07/27/2014 Listen
105 More To Come 105: SDCC 2014 Interview Special Pt. 3
Interviews with Jennifer Stuller of Geek Girl Con and award-winning retailers Portlyn and Autumn of Brave New World
07/26/2014 Listen
104 More To Come 104: SDCC 2014 Interview Special Pt. 2
Interviews with Don Rosa, Eleanor Davis, Lucy Knisley and Archie Comics executives.
07/25/2014 Listen
103 More To Come 103: SDCC 2014 Interview Special Pt. 1
Interviews with The Goon creator Eric Powell and Richard Starkings of Elephantmen and Comicraft
07/24/2014 Listen
102 More To Come 102: Joe Illidge Interview Special
Calvin interviews veteran comics writer Joe Illidge about comics, diversity and more
07/18/2014 Listen
101 More To Come 101: Image Expo Meets San Diego Comic-Con
Image Expo Debuts at San Diego and fan and creator outrage at Rick Remender
07/11/2014 Listen
100 More To Come 100: Heroes Con Interview Special
PW talks with comics creators Jim Starlin and Matt Kindt.
07/05/2014 Listen
99 More To Come 99: New York Super Week announced
Special Edition, Heroes Con and the flood of new comic conventions
06/27/2014 Listen
99 More To Come 99: New York Super Week announced
Special Edition, Heroes Con and the flood of new comic conventions
06/27/2014 Listen
99 More To Come 99: New York Super Week announced
Special Edition, Heroes Con and the flood of new comic conventions
06/27/2014 Listen
98 More To Come 98: Special Edition NYC Interview Special
Frank Cho, Charles Brownstein, Jamie Rich and more.
06/20/2014 Listen
97 More To Come 97: Bill Watterson's Surprise Return
Watterson takes over a comics strip, Chuck Dixon claims political blacklisting and the Ant Man film has problems.
06/13/2014 Listen
96 More To Come 96: BEA, BookCon and Comics
She-Hulk and David Goyer, San Diego Comic-Con and harassment and comparing BEA to comic conventions.
06/06/2014 Listen
95 More To Come 95: Jillian Tamaki
Jillian Tamaki talks about her new graphic novel and the next generation of comic creators.
05/30/2014 Listen
94 More To Come 94: Peter Kuper Interview Special
Peter Kuper talks about his books, teaching at Harvard, Cleveland and cofounding World War 3 Illustrated.
05/23/2014 Listen
93 More To Come 93: Amazon vs Marvel and Yen Press!
Hachette battles Amazon over retail terms, Bill Finger's family's quest for Batman credit and the TCAF report.
05/16/2014 Listen
92 More To Come 92: Kazu Kibuishi Interview Special
Kazu Kibuishi interviewed live at TCAF.
05/10/2014 Listen
91 More To Come 91: Captain America: Winter Soldier Special
Captain America 2 gets it right, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. kicks into gear, and waiting for the next DC film.
05/02/2014 Listen
90 More To Come 90: Comixology joins Amazon
Digital comics giant Comixology is acquired by Amazon plus Eisner and Hugo nominees.
04/25/2014 Listen
89 More To Come 89: MoCCA 2014 Interview Special
Anelle Miller, Charles Kochman, Alisa Harris, Whit Taylor and Alison Wilgus interviewed at MoCCA 2014.
04/18/2014 Listen
88 More To Come 88: MoCCA Arts Fest 2014
MoCCA Arts Fest, Emerald City, Winter Soldier and more
04/11/2014 Listen
87 More To Come 87: Alex Simmons Interview Special
Alex Simmons's comics origin story and Kids Comic Con.
04/04/2014 Listen
86 More To Come 86: PW's 2014 Comics Retailer Survey
Retailers point to a shift in sales away from superhero comics
03/28/2014 Listen
85 More To Come 85: Brian Stelfreeze, Justin Jordan, and Rico Renzi interviewed
Heidi interviews Justin Jordan, Rico Renzi and Brian Stelfreeze.
03/21/2014 Listen
84 More To Come 84: Eric Stephenson's ComicsPRO Speech
Strategies for the future of comics from Image
03/14/2014 Listen
83 More To Come 83: Dean Haspiel Interview Special
Dean Haspiel discusses his latest works and personal origin story
03/07/2014 Listen
82 More To Come 82: A New Comics Show for New York
New York's new con and con wars out west
02/28/2014 Listen
81 More To Come 81: Paul Gravett Interview Special
Heidi interviews British comics historian Paul Gravett
02/21/2014 Listen
80 More To Come 80: When Comic Shops Go Wrong
Comic shops that fail fans and Heidi's French comics odyssey
02/14/2014 Listen
79 More To Come 79: Live from Angouleme
Heidi interviews Ulli Lust and Derf Backderf at the Angouleme Festival
02/07/2014 Listen
78 More To Come 78: Ron Wimberly Interview Special
Indie creator Wimberly discusses his life and art.
01/31/2014 Listen
77 More To Come 77: Alan Moore's Supposed Last Interview
Alan Moore, the Angouleme Comics Festival and an awards controversy and more
01/24/2014 Listen
76 More To Come 76: Bob Fingerman Interview Special
Minimum Wage returns!
01/17/2014 Listen
75 More To Come 75: Hello 2014
The top stories of 2013, looking forward to 2014
01/03/2014 Listen
74 More To Come 74: Comics Plagiarism Scandals
A blatant story-theft from comics by a Hollywood star.
12/20/2013 Listen
73.2 More To Come 73.2: Women, Men and Comics Pt. 2
Cultural challenges facing women in superhero and direct market comics.
12/16/2013 Listen
73.1 More To Come 73.1: Women, Men and Comics Pt. 1
Gender relations in the five cultures of comics.
12/13/2013 Listen
72 More To Come 72: PictureBox Says Goodbye
PictureBox stops publishing new books
12/06/2013 Listen
71 More To Come 71: Jim Butcher Interview Special
Dresden Files creator talks comics!
11/29/2013 Listen
70 More To Come 70: Pete Friedrich Interview Special
In discussion with Pete Friedrich about Lower East Side Story
11/22/2013 Listen
69 More To Come 69: Fantagraphics Kickstarts Everything
Comic Arts Brooklyn, Marvel comes to Netflix Original, Fantagraphics new strategy and more.
11/15/2013 Listen
68 More To Come 68: Craig Yoe and Jeffrey Brown Interview Special
Comics historian Craig Yoe and humor cartoonist Jeffrey Brown
11/08/2013 Listen
67 More To Come 67: DCs Big Move
Crunchyroll does manga, DC moves to L.A.
11/01/2013 Listen
66 More To Come 66: Coffin Hill Interview Special
Caitlin Kittredge, Royden Lepp and Cliff Galbraith
are interviewed.
10/25/2013 Listen
65 More To Come 65: NYCC in Review
Badges succeed, but security has issues
10/18/2013 Listen
65 More To Come 65: NYCC in Review
Badges succeed, but security has issues
10/18/2013 Listen
64.3 More To Come 64.3: NYCC Interview Special 3
Jane Espenson, Greg Rucka, Tony Cliff and more.
10/16/2013 Listen
64.2 More To Come 64.2: NYCC Interview Special 2
Colleen Doran, Brian Wood, Greg Pak and more.
10/15/2013 Listen
64.1 More To Come 64.1: NYCC Interview Special 1
Naruto translator Mari Morimoto and Viz v-p Leyla Aker talk manga
10/14/2013 Listen
63 More To Come 63: Comics on TV
Agents of SHIELD arrives, NYCC looms
10/04/2013 Listen
62 More To Come 62: MLK and The Montgomery Story Interview Special
Andrew Aydin, Chris Samnee, Laura Gulledge, Adam Knave and Nick Brokenshire are interviewed.
09/27/2013 Listen
61 More To Come 61: SPX 2013
Indie creators at SPX and Marvel's legal settlement
09/20/2013 Listen
60 More To Come 60: Jeff Smith Interview Special
Eisner Award-winning comics artist Jeff Smith discusses his work.
09/13/2013 Listen
59 More To Come 59: Exit the Batwoman... Creators
Penny Arcade and DC PR problems
09/07/2013 Listen
58 More To Come 58: Tim Leong Interview Special
Talking with Time Leong, author of Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe (Chronicle Books)
08/31/2013 Listen
57 More To Come 57: Comics are for Everyone
Feminism, controversy and inclusion
08/24/2013 Listen
56 More To Come 56: DC's 3D Cover Woes
DC forced to ration 3D specialty covers; retailers super unhappy
08/10/2013 Listen
55 More To Come 55: Comics At Comic-Con
We conclude our San Diego Comic-Con coverage
07/29/2013 Listen
54.6 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special: Monday
Sunday interviews live from Comic Con
07/22/2013 Listen
54.5 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special: Sunday
Saturday interviews live from Comic Con
07/21/2013 Listen
54.4 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special: Saturday
Vivek Tiwary and Calvin on the Con so far
07/20/2013 Listen
54.3 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special: Friday
Thursday interviews live from Comic Con
07/19/2013 Listen
54.2 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special: Thursday
Wednesday interviews live from Comic Con
07/18/2013 Listen
54 More To Come 54: San Diego Preview and Amazon's Jet City Comics
Image Expo, San Diego Comic-con, Comics Retailers Survey and more
07/15/2013 Listen
53 More To Come 53: Remembering Kim Thompson
Recalling the late Fantagraphics copublisher
07/01/2013 Listen
52 More To Come 52: Man of Steel
DC's newer, grimmer Superman
06/17/2013 Listen
51 More To Come 51: Comics at BEA 2013
Comics publishers, like BEA itself, look stable and optimistic.
06/03/2013 Listen
50 More To Come 50: Brooklyn Loses a Con
Doomed by popularity? Also, our 50th ep!
05/20/2013 Listen
49 More To Come 49: Comics Alliance Closes
Comics Alliance closed, Outhouse blacklisted.
05/06/2013 Listen
48 More To Come 48: 2013 Eisner Nominees
Fantagraphics sweeps Eisner noms, Marvel Now sales drops
04/22/2013 Listen
47.2 More To Come 47.2: The New MoCCA Arts Fest Special Part 2
MoCCA Arts Fest interviews
04/09/2013 Listen
47.1 More To Come 47.1: The New MoCCA Arts Fest Special Part 1
MoCCA Arts Fest, Marvelman and The M-Word
04/08/2013 Listen
46 More To Come 46: Exit JManga, Persepolis Banned
JManga fails, Persepolis banned and Frederic Wertham
03/25/2013 Listen
45.2 More To Come 45.2: SXSW 2013 Special, Part 2
David Steinberger interview, new books.
03/12/2013 Listen
45.1 More To Come 45.1: SXSW 2013 Special, Part 1
Comixology expands, Calvin reports
03/11/2013 Listen
44 More To Come 44: Wertham Scandal Revealed
Rising sales and scandal
02/25/2013 Listen
43 More To Come 43: Black Writers in Comics?
Black writers, Angouleme controversy
02/11/2013 Listen
42 More To Come 42: Barnes and Noble Pulls Back
Fewer bookstores and a digital future
01/28/2013 Listen
41 More To Come 41: Losing the Battle for Superman
Marvel Now discussed, Superman copyright
01/14/2013 Listen
40.2 More To Come 40.2: 2012 Year-End Special, Part 2
More to Come talks 2012
01/02/2013 Listen
40.1 More To Come 40.1: 2012 Year-End Special, Part 1
More to Come talks 2012
12/31/2012 Listen
39 More To Come 39: Berger leaves Vertigo
Berger leaves Vertigo, Image won't reprint
12/17/2012 Listen
38 More To Come 38: DMP and the Print Hiatus
DMP puts print manga on hiatus
12/03/2012 Listen
37 More To Come 37: The Myth of the Faux Geek
Tony Harris and the Brooklyn Book Fest.
11/19/2012 Listen
36 More To Come 36: Hurricane Sandy vs Comics
Hurricane edition and Frankfurt interviews
11/06/2012 Listen
35 More To Come 35: New York Comic Con and Frankfurt Book Fair 2012
News from NYCC and Frankfurt
10/22/2012 Listen
34 More To Come 34: SPX and Brooklyn Book Festival
Brooklyn Book Festival and SPX
10/01/2012 Listen
33 More To Come 33: Amazon Gets In The Game
Amazon and Penguin publish comics.
09/17/2012 Listen
32.2 More To Come 32 Part 2: The Jack Kirby Birthday Special
The struggles and legacy of Jack Kirby
09/01/2012 Listen
32.1 More To Come 32 Part 1: The Jack Kirby Birthday Special
The art and career of Jack Kirby
08/30/2012 Listen
31 More To Come 31: In Memory of MoCCA and Joe Kubert
MoCCA merger and Joe Kubert tribute
08/20/2012 Listen
30 More To Come 30: Alternative Comics Returns
A classic indie comics publisher reborn.
08/06/2012 Listen
29 More To Come 29: SDCC 2012
Our look at SDCC 2012
07/23/2012 Listen
28 More To Come 28: Monkeybrain is Born and Pre-SDCC
We prep for SDCC 2012
07/09/2012 Listen
27 More To Come 27: Heroes Con and Life in Hell
Live from Heroes Con with Heidi.
06/25/2012 Listen
26 More To Come 26: Graphic Novels at BEA 2012
Heidi and Calvin talk BEA 2012
06/11/2012 Listen
25 More To Come 25: Marvel and DC's Gay Events and Kickstarter - Store of the Future
Gay comics from Marvel and DC
05/28/2012 Listen
24 More To Come 24: The Avengers, TCAF and Moto Hagio
The Avengers movie and more
05/14/2012 Listen
23 More To Come 23: Watchmen Creators Rights Issues and Free Comic Book Day
Awards, Roberson vs. DC over Watchmen.
04/30/2012 Listen
22 More To Come 22: Live from C2E2 and 2012 Eisner Noms
Heidi live from C2E2
04/17/2012 Listen
21 More to Come 21: Amazon vs DMP and CBLDF's Canada Win
CBLDF border censorship win & more.
04/02/2012 Listen
20 More to Come 20: The Live from Wondercon Special
Wondercon & SXSW 2012 and Moebius.
03/20/2012 Listen
19 More to Come 19: NY Times vs. Editorial Cartoonists
Cartoonists reject NY Times' bad offer
03/06/2012 Listen
18 More To Come 18: Gary Friedrich, Disney and IP Law
Disney vs Artist's Alley? We discuss.
02/21/2012 Listen
17 More to Come 17: The Question of Watchmen Prequels
Watchwomen prequels: Why and how?
02/06/2012 Listen
16 More to Come 16: SOPA, PIPA and Comics
We discuss SOPA, PIPA and comics
01/24/2012 Listen
15 More To Come 15: Outlook 2012
This podcast, our predictions for 2012
01/10/2012 Listen
14.2 More To Come 14 Part 2: Ring Out The Old - 2011 in Review
Part 2 of our double year-end podcast.
12/27/2011 Listen
14.1 More To Come 14 Part 1: Ring Out The Old - 2011 in Review
Part 1 of our double year-end podcast.
12/19/2011 Listen
13 More To Come 13: The Paradoxical Success of Pocket Gods
Pocket Gods: success in shops vs online.
12/06/2011 Listen
12 More To Come 12: The Best Graphic Novels of 2011
PWCWs best graphic novels of 2011.
11/22/2011 Listen
11 More to Come 11: Charlie Hebdo, Doujinshi and Susie Cagle under fire
Our special freedom of speech edition.
11/08/2011 Listen
10 More to Come 10: News from NYCC and Layoffs at Marvel
News from the recent New York Comic Con.
10/25/2011 Listen
09 More to Come 9: Kindle Fire's DC deal and the changing world of distribution.
Kindle's DC exclusive, NYCC and more.
10/11/2011 Listen
08 More to Come 8: SLG's Transformation and an NYCC First Look
SLG now all-digital on individual comics
09/27/2011 Listen
07 More To Come 7: SPX and DC's New 52 Week 1
SPX, DCs new 52 Week two and more.
09/13/2011 Listen
06 More To Come 6: Baltimore Comic Con and The Fall of Atomic Comics
New DC eve, Baltimore Comic Con and more
08/30/2011 Listen
05 More To Come 5: The New Spider-Man Unmasked
Stumptown vs. MOCCA and a new Spider-Man
08/17/2011 Listen
04 More to Come 4: Surviving Comic-Con with the PW Comics World Podcast
We look back at this year's SDCC.
08/03/2011 Listen
03 More to Come 3: The PW Comics World Podcast Goes to Comic-Con
We prepare for San Diego Comic-Con.
07/18/2011 Listen
02 More to Come 2: The CBLDF's New Case and Comics Tackle the Death of Osama
The CBLDF's Canadian border case and mor
07/05/2011 Listen
01 More to Come 1: PW Comics World Launches the 'More To Come' Podcast
Welcome to PWCW's new podcast!
06/21/2011 Listen
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